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Nice seasonal scent

All soaps from Perfectly Natural are the best! No residue, no skin reactions for me. It rinses cleans and foams well. A nice seasonal scent that smells like berries.

Best soap ever

I love the feel of the soap and the smell. Best ever

Raspberry Oil is so nice....

I love this one as an addition to the glow Oil. I use them both. Also put a couple drops in the daytime moisture cream. I use the rose or lavender spray mist toner, then put three drops in my palms...warm it up with my hands and gently press on the face and neck.Sometimes do a very gentle lymph pull/drain down the sides of the neck, take a deep breath and this starts my day of in a good zen space! High quality, non-irritating (and I have VERY sensitive skin) and anti-aging. Truly wonderful.

Chubby stick is the bomb!

I have the Candy Cane and Cupid's Secret Thick Stick Lip Butter and I love them both...wonderfully delicious!

Love this one!

I don't know if it is because I am of Viking ancestry and Native American, but I LOVE this scent! It does not irritate and is subtle and fresh. I bought 6 at one time and pray it doesn't leave the fold of wonderful scents!

Great Face Wash

My husband and I both use this as a face wash. Makes my face feel so clean.


Daily neck strain from the phone and computer made for uncomfortable evenings. 15-20 min in the evening with the Hot-Pak and the tightness is gone! Smells good, too.

Bits and Pieces

This is a wonder way to experience several different types of their soaps and makes wonderful little gifts. I have used these as Thank You's for a baby shower - what a hit! Guest bathrooms. This time I am handing them out for mother's day appreciations. I ordered online and talk about fast and convent. WOW!

Love it!!

It is so natural on my skin and the after math of it is so nice.

Non irritating powder

I gave this as a gift to my sister with sensitive skin and she loves everything about it!!! She raved about it and the scent does not overpower anything- very light and blends when she wears her perfume (Beautiful) and lightly scented if she just uses the powder- very happy!!! BTW she is hard to buy for….massive score!!!

Cupid soap the smelll. Hopefully this soap stays around for a little while

Gift ideas

Perfect for gifts or just to have some lotion on hand while traveling.

Love it!

Great way to try it out before buying the full size bars, perfect for your guest bathrooms or add to a small gift bag for a relative or friend.

Best ever hand Crea

I love that it is moisturizing but not greasy. I keep one beside sink, one in purse and one in my desk at work. Been using for a few years and only hand cream I will use.

Great cuticle balm

I keep this beside bed and put on every night. I have noticed improvement with my cuticles. I found you have to dig into the balm/ break the seal to really get it started

Best products ever!!! Nothing else needs said.

So easy to use

I keep the lotion bar in my night stand drawer and rub it on before bed. I don't even need to rub it in with my hands. It is not messy like a liquid lotion and works better than lotion in my opinion. The skin on my feet is so soft.

Best Scrub I have used

I love using this scrub in the shower. I have tried many other scrubs like this but none compare. I have really dry skin on my legs and by using this on a regular basis it disappears! It makes my skin so soft.

Loving Patchoulli, this is a beautiful blend that is a 60's throwback.

Love it

Love this scrub, leaves your face feeling soft and smooth. Has a great scent to boot. Says to use this three times per week so on alternative days I use some of the other face wash items you all sell.

Great for runners

My husband is an avid runner and his feet take a beating. He likes all the happy feet products.

Fresh and clean

A little masculine but I would use it too. I gave to my son in Christmas stocking and he liked it

Laundry soap

I absolutely love this laundry soap! I bought the Lavender and Lemongrass scent and it’s amazing. Even my extremely scent picky and scent sensitive mother (allergies and asthma) loves the scent. It cleans and softens nicely. Can’t wait to try more products.