Scent Descriptions

Almond Streusel (Seasonal) - A delightful blend of warm cinnamon and rich almond scent. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Amaretto - Almond fans rejoice! This is a fresh almond scent with notes of ripe, juicy cherries with a touch of of vanilla.

Amber Woods - For those who love the forest and spend considerable time roaming in nature. Carrying the smell of sun-drenched woods, resinous amber and earthy moss with it, you wouldn't have it any other way. Formerly called the Huntsman.

Azure - A beautiful blend of tropical fruits and sugary citrus fruits with hints of exotic tropical florals and green grassy undertones.  

Baked - We added a the warm sweet comforting scent of vanilla to the earthy complex scent of patchouli in this fun limited edition blend, Baked.  These two compliment each other by adding even e depth to the layers of this rich aromatic duo. 

Bay Berry (Candle) - A holiday classic ... resinous fir and balsam blend effortlessly with spicy notes of ginger, nutmeg and spice.

Bay Rum - Yo Ho Ho ... Let your inner pirate come out to enjoy this West Indies inspired, traditionally masculine scent of Bay leaf essential oil plus a blend of citrus and spice oils.

Beach BumToes in the sand, the sound of the waves lapping at the shore and that sunshine smell.  You know the one, the smell of salty air, suntan lotion, and the world in bloom.  Yep, that one.  That is Beach Bum.

Berry Vanilla (Seasonal) - The fresh sweetness of wild blackberries with the cozy allure of vanilla in a delicate, sweet, yet subtly floral blend.

Bliss - A delightful blend of fresh red raspberries and black currants swirled with warm vanilla and finished with just a touch of fresh citrus zest. 

Bohemian - If the phrase "chill out" had a scent, Bohemian would be it. A relaxing herbal blend of lavender and patchouli so expertly crafted, the sum of the blend is far greater than the parts. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Cactus Fruit - Sweet and earthy agave grounds the sweeter notes of prickly pear and sweet berries in this fresh unique blend.

Calm (Lavender Vanilla) - One of our most popular scent combinations, Lavender Vanilla is a soft, powdery blend of lavender and vanilla natural fragrances.

Carolina - Carolina lives up to its name, scented with tobacco leaf and a touch of oak that makes you long for summer nights on the porch, sipping a smooth bourbon on the rocks and a hand-rolled cigar. 

Coastal - This one is our take on the sun-baked summer cottage on the sea.  Salty air, sun-bleached driftwood, dune grasses and air-dried linens. It's warm, comforting and familiar ... and destined to be your new favorite.

Coconut Lemongrass (Seasonal) - The scent of Coconut Lemongrass is a tropical escape in a bottle. The creamy, nutty aroma of coconut is perfectly blended with the bright, citrusy notes of lemongrass, creating a refreshing and energizing fragrance that transports you to a sunny beach paradise. Close your eyes and inhale deeply, and you'll be instantly transported to a place of pure relaxation and tranquility. Coconut Lemongrass fragrance is the perfect way to uplift your mood and invigorate your senses.

Comfort & Joy (Seasonal) - Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove give an aromatic warmth to a base scent of creamy chestnuts with just a touch of vanilla in our Comfort & Joy seasonal scent.  This warm scent has a classic holiday feel without an overpowering spiced note common in many spiced blends.  

Cool Peppermint - This scent is like a cool blast of mint that will awaken your senses and leave you feeling revitalized. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Cozy - (Seasonal) A favorite fall pastime is donning a chunky oversized sweater and heading out to enjoy the amazing fall festivals that come to town.  Crisp breezes in the sunshine while eating warm apple hand pies from cart vendors make us swoon!  Cozy is our homage to those delectable treats of warm apples in flaky dough, bathed in cinnamon and nutmeg with just a hint of molasses.  (Previously named Sweater Weather)

Cypress Driftwood - The inspiration for this scent came from sun bleached chunks of cypress driftwood baking in the salty ocean air.  The sun coaxes out the warm resinous scent still lingering in the wood and melds it with the crisp ocean air.  The scent is warm yet clean with a unisex vibe sure to please.

Deep Relief - Pamper your stuffy sinuses and sore muscles with our Deep Relief blend. The aroma is a fresh blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Spearmint and Lavender essential oils. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Eucalyptus MintReady to unwind from a stressful day?  Let our Eucalyptus Mint help with that.  This scent is a spa-worthy cool and refreshing blend of green Eucalyptus and sweet Spearmint with notes of citrus and a smooth herbal base.

Everything Autumn - (Seasonal) We absolutely LOVE autumn ... don't you?  The crisp apples and pears, the warm welcoming spices and cool breezes through rustling leaves and evergreen trees combine for an intoxicatingly perfect blend of scents.  Our Everything Autumn scent captures the season perfectly.

Exotic Jade (seasonal) - An unusual blend of watery cucumber, floral geranium, raspberry and black currant, are blended over deeper musky notes softened with a touch of vanilla.

Farmer's Market Apple (Limited Edition) - The first sniff transports you to a lush orchard at dawn, bursting with the pure, dew-kissed scent of freshly picked apples. This scent encapsulates the crisp, clean sweetness of nature's bounty, evoking the simple joy of a sunlit stroll through rows of apple trees.

Firefly (Seasonal)Nothing beats lazy southern nights just watching the fireflies add sparkle to the world around you.  Rich Darjeeling tea is expertly blended with a sweet ripe plum in our sweet yet seductive nod to those summer nights.

First Kiss - You've got that sweet, walking on sunshine feeling of an amazing first kiss.  You know the one - where life is just coming up sunshine and everything just sparkles.  This is your signature scent, a flirty blend of fruit and floral. Smell the apple, grapefruit and peach then let the spring garden of florals take over.  It's all balanced with a touch of vanilla and warm earthy notes to give this scent depth.

Fresh Linen - Zesty Citrus is warmed up with a touch of black pepper, aromatic basil and fresh white thyme to create a clean, fresh off of the line laundry scent.

Germ Buster - Scented with our essential oil blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Giving Thanks (Seasonal)Pumpkin, given a toasty cinnamon and nutmeg kiss, would be how we'd describe the scent of this celebration of the season.  A perfect gift to show your appreciation or simply to enjoy yourself!

Glacial - Not your everyday peppermint, we pair this mint with oak and amber to warm up the icy mint chill.  Unique and very unisex.

Grapefruit Mojito (seasonal) - Inspired by the refreshing cocktail that combines the zesty and slightly bitter flavor of grapefruit with the sweet, tangy of lime and the cool, refreshing notes of mint.  The resulting combination is a citrusy, slightly sweet, and incredibly refreshing fragrance that is perfect for a hot summer day.

Green Tea Cucumber - Relax and Rejuvenate with your own personal spa day.  Light and refreshing cucumbers are paired with the earthy freshness of green tea in this swoon-worthy classic spa scent.

Happy Feet - Cool, refreshing peppermint pairs with the fresh camphoraceous scent of tea tree essential oil in this signature scent of our foot care line. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Herbal Tea (fka Herb'n Honey) - A fresh blend of herbal tea and coriander with a touch of honey and lemon.

Hawaiian Blossom - Soft freesia is blended with orange blossom, sea salt and green leaves all on top of a grounding base of amber and tonka bean.

Holly Jolly (Seasonal) - Subtle sweet berry notes combined with the pine, spice and a touch of citrus is a perfectly nostalgic Christmas blend.

Honey & Oat - Simply put, this smells divine. The hearty helping of oats, creamy milk, sweet orange blossom honey with just a hint of cinnamon makes our Honey & Oat one you'll reach for time and time again.  

Island Coconut This creamy, tropical blend of coconut milk and cool vanilla is the perfect summer vacation escape.

Jack Frost (Seasonal) - Jack Frost is a fresh, wintery blend of cypress, light florals, a dash of mint, spice and a touch of oakmoss.  Clean yet decidedly winter, this is our official scent of the season!

Lavender Lemongrass - A day at the spa should leave you relaxed yet uplifted.  The crisp, clean scent of this blend comes from Lavender and Lemongrass expertly blended essential oils. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Lavender Vanilla (Calm) - One of our most popular scent combinations, Lavender Vanilla is a soft, powdery blend of lavender and vanilla natural fragrances.

Lavender Mint - Just about as classic a blend as you can get, our Lavender Mint is a marriage of the relaxing comfort of Lavender Essential Oil and invigorating Peppermint Essential Oil.  Together, they create a cool comfort blend that is a unisex favorite. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Lemon Pop - You're chilling out in Mom's kitchen with a batch of luscious lemon poppy seed muffins baking up in the oven.  You smell the zesty fresh lemon, the sweet sugar and comforting baked goodness ... yep, Lemon Pop is that good!

Little Sprouts - A fun and fruity natural blend of blueberry and pear to satisfy even the most discriminating little ones.

Lucky Clover (seasonal) -  This is fresh, slightly sweet and herbal scent with notes of green clover.

Maverick -  The warm resinous scent of fresh hewn wood, it is rich, comforting and dare we say, sexy.

Merry & Bright (seasonal) - Tart, rich pomegranate juice blends with sweet crisp pears and floats on an effervescent ginger ale note.

Midnight Cherry (Candle) - Cherry, almond, vanilla, tonka bean and a touch of sophistication make up this scent's key notes

Midnight Plumeria (seasonal) - This is a sweet, fresh floral, with some fruity notes blended with plumeria, gardenia, jasmine and a touch of apricot.

Mr. Right - He's the one.  Your only one.  The one who's sweatshirt you steal so you can smell him with you even when he's away.  Why does that sweatshirt smell so amazing? So clean yet masculine and warm ... well, because he's your Mr. Right.  What exactly does Mr. Right smell like?  He's clean and fresh scent with notes of Oakmoss, Bergamot and a touch of Basil and absolutely irresistible!

Monarch (FKA King) - Long live the Monarch... especially if he smells this amazing! Our blend of woods, citrus and soft amber in this scent blend is worthy of royalty, but accessible for all!

Noel (Seasonal)Hallmark ®  Holiday movies wish they had as much holiday spirit as our Noel seasonal scent! Fresh Spruce mingles with holiday berries and winter spices in this classic holiday blend.  It'll make you want to curl up in front of a roaring fire and celebrate the season.

Orange PatchouliYin and Yang.  Simple and Fresh meets Dark and Complex.  Opposites definitely attract in this alluring combination of Sweet Orange and Dark Patchouli.  It starts out bright and lingers in a mysterious way that only patchouli can claim.  A favorite among our patchouli fans! (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Orange Zing - Like your orange with a little bit of something extra?  This scent brings it!  Zesty orange gets a spicy smack of cinnamon in this zingy blend of joy. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Peppermint Tea Tree - This icy cool combination is sure to put some pep in your step!  This classic combo of peppermint with tea tree boasts cool peppermint essential oil, blended with tea tree oil  - that's it! (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Perfectly Pear'd (seasonal) - Do you love the taste and smell of fresh picked, crisp pears?  They are sweet with a hint of tart and scream FALL!  We pear'd (see what we did there?) the crisp fresh fruit scent with just a hint of spice in Perfectly Pear'd.

Pink Lemonade (seasonal) - Sweet Raspberry is blended with fresh tart lemon in our version of the quintessential summertime favorite, Pink Lemonade.

Pink Peppermint - Peppermint, pure and simple. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Purely Patchouli - Earthy, warm and deep, Purely Patchouli is simply Dark Patchouli Essential Oil. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Revive - A juicy burst of freshness, this blend of tangy Pink Grapefruit and Sweet Tangerine is sure to bring a smile to your face and a renewed focus to your day

Ritual (Candle) -  Sweet and woody scent with hints citron, and clove, Palo Santo, Amber and Cedar. 

Rosemary Mint - This invigorating scent will charm your senses with its enticing blend of rosemary and spearmint for a sweeter take on the classic rosemary mint blend.  (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Ruby - is grapefruit at it's tart, slightly sweet finest. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Samba - This luscious scent will have you dancing like it's Carnivàle!  Samba is rich with salted caramel on a bed of pistachio and warm creamy maple enhanced with soft fruity and citrus notes.  This is all layered on a deep vanilla and sandalwood base.

Savannah - Savannah, Georgia.  It is small town charm with city culture all wrapped up in one of the most beautiful towns we've ever visited.  When we smelled this fresh, powdery, citrus with woody notes of vetiver scent, we were transported back to that lovely town and knew we had to share its charm with you.  Savannah is alluring and has been a hit in our stores with both men and women. 

Siberian Forest (Seasonal)Evergreen lovers rejoice - this is YOUR new favorite scent!  Fresh scotch pine, woodsy balsam and a touch of cedar this winter forest is the ultimate evergreen celebration!  

Smithfield Maple Bacon (Limited Edition) - Savor the enticing aroma where the richness of maple syrup intertwines with a subtle smokiness reminiscent of a hearty breakfast.

Southern Belle / Southern Beauty - Heady magnolia blossoms ... ripe sweet dewberries ... raw sugarcane.  I know my Southern Beauties are swooning right about now as well they should be!  This is a delicate, sweet but lightly floral blend that is at the very top of our customers' favorites list.  

Spiced Vanilla (Candle/Wax)- A Cinnamon forward blend warmed by a base of vanilla.

Stone Fruit & Honey - Notes of Apricot, Nectarine and Peach blossoms expertly meld with a touch of citrus, honey, green grass on top of warm notes of amber in this delightfully elegant fruity yet floral scent.

StormIn this sure to please, seductively unisex scent, amber, citrus, plum and vanilla mingle with spicy cardamom and a touch of clove. Storm is a clash of sweet and spicy you're sure to love!

Summer Cottage (Candle) - Salty ocean air breezing over sun warmed driftwood and wildflowers.

Sunkissed Sandalwood (Candle) - Imagine honey soaked sandalwood warming in the sunshine.  This scent has resinous notes of amber, honey, sweet apples, sandalwood and a touch of vanilla. 

Sunset (Seasonal) - Zesty citrus meets the allure of warm spice and spicy ginger. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Toasted Vanilla Bean  - This smells delightfully of a light vanilla, with soft notes of spice and brown sugar.

Tribe (Herbal Tea) - A fresh blend of herbal tea and coriander with a touch of honey and lemon.

Tropical Colada - If tropical paradise had a signature scent, Tropical Colada would be it!  Sweet mango blends with creamy coconut in this tropical island delight.

The Williamsburg - The Williamsburg is an homage to our hometown.  Once a colonial capital of our new land, Williamsburg is as steeped in American history as can be.  And present day, it's charm and colonial heritage is still ever present.  The pineapple was a colonial symbol of hospitality and is still a rooted part of the culture here.  We created The Williamsburg soaps in a soft pineapple scent to welcome you and your family to our home.

Velvet Rose (Candle) -The intoxicating scent of damask rose brings a lush and elevated element, enveloped by smoky oud wood and a hint of clove.

Viking (Seasonal) - A bold blend of Anise, Clove, and Amyris essential oils. Let the aromatic blend transport you to ancient realms of adventure, where woodsy, balsamic Amyris harmonizes with the spice of Clove and the enchanting sweetness of Anise. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

Virginia Pine - A mild evergreen with a light cool fresh mint note inspired by our local mountain ranges.

Weekend Vibes (Candle) - A clean but warm blend of spicy peppercorn, citrus, peppermint, vetiver, nutmeg, and evergreen.  

Wild Jasmine (seasonal) - This powdery, delicate floral is simply a classic. 

Winter Berry (seasonal)- Bold tart cranberry is blended with a touch of spice in this warm, fruity blend.

Witches & Warlocks (seasonal) - Embark on a captivating journey with this one.  Scented with an enchanting fusion of essential oils, the spellbinding blend of Orange, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Clove, Nutmeg, Cedar, and Sandalwood essential oils evoke an alluring aroma ready to entice your inner Witch or Warlock. (Fragranced with 100% Essential Oil)

White Sangria (seasonal) - Orange, a touch of tart cherry, sweet apricot and crisp apple all blend in an ode to our favorite warm weather adult refreshment, White Sangria.

You're a Mean One (Seasonal) - A festive & fun blend, scented with cranberries and kissed with winter frost. Designed for holiday fun, but rest assured, you certainly won't stink (stank or stunk! 😉) after using this deliciously fun scent.