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Sisal Washcloth

Sisal Washcloth

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 Indulge in the ultimate exfoliating experience with our all-natural sisal washcloth! Measuring 11 in x 11in, the soft and gentle texture of the sisal provides a luxurious massage while you bathe.

Made from a natural fiber extracted from the 'agave sisalana' cactus plant, this washcloth is softer than loofah and leaves skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


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Customer Reviews

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Margaret B.
Great gift

Giving as a stocking stuffer and excited to share


I love these washcloths! Well made and perfect for my skin.


Great cloth for a nice exfoliation. Gets better with each wash. Only cloth I use on my face now

Patricia S.
Very well-made exfoliating washcloth

I didn't expect these to be so substantial and well-made. I gave my sister one and kept the other for myself. This is a perfect size, except for someone too arthritic or too large to use a washcloth. I like be it. It is very well-made, and I can tell it will last for years. Makes a great gift! My sister said it's exactly what she needed. Even if a person can't wash their back without a stick product, this washcloths the is still great for every part that can be reached. I love the texture for cleaning the ears. It makes them so squeaky clean. Obviously, it's great for the face, too. Just the right amount of exfoliationvwithout redness or irritation from too much. Highly recommended product !

Donna S.
Amazing washcloth

We have been searching for these for many years, they are wonderful, excellent quality. would love it if you considered making them a little large. 12 x 12. We will definitely be reordering.