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Luxe Oil - Moringa Oil with Calendula Petals- 2 oz

Luxe Oil - Moringa Oil with Calendula Petals- 2 oz

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Discover the exquisite benefits of Moringa oil, a personal care revelation celebrated for its luxurious emollient and moisturizing properties, coupled with a remarkable resistance to oxidation. Rich in vitamins E and C, along with a robust profile of fatty acids, Moringa oil isn't just an oil; it's a symphony of nourishment for your skin.

When blended with the gentle touch of calendula, this oil transforms into a soothing elixir, ideal for nurturing damaged skin back to a state of health and vibrance. Each application is an indulgence, a moment to treasure as your skin absorbs the rich, nourishing benefits of this wondrous oil.

Embrace the luxury of Moringa oil in your daily routine and witness the transformation as your skin becomes softer, more radiant, and thoroughly moisturized. It's more than just skin care; it's a daily ritual of wellness and beauty, wrapped in the pure, potent embrace of nature. Your skin deserves the very best, and with Moringa oil, that's precisely what it gets.

2 oz Frosted Glass Bottle With Dropper

Ingredients: Moringa Seed Oil, Calendula Petals

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kelly B.
Moringa oil

Very moisturizing and soothing to the skin. Has helped even put my skin texture by clearing up acne scars and blemishes. Would definitely recommend!

Brittany S.
Love it!

I’m loving this oil! I really like that it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

The gold of all oils

This is my go to oil for everything! Dry skin on my face and managing imperfections, scarring, dry heels, a dab on dry lips.. anything that needs some TLC! And lasts foreverrrrr!!

Danielle W.

I bought this oil for a bad scar I got after a nasty fall and was pleased with its healing properties! Fast-forward, I became pregnant this year and used this oil over my belly
As a preventive against stretch marks and it worked! I don’t have a single stretch mark! I also had to have a cesarean birth because baby was breeched! I’ve been using this oil on my scar and it’s working wonders! The doctors are so pleased with how it’s healing and everyone says how you can’t even really tell! I’ve had this oil and used it everyday for for well over a year liberally and I’m just now needing to get more! PLEASE don’t ever discontinue this product! I tell all my new expecting moms about it!

Shawn S.
Great Antioxidant

Love this oil!!’