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Perfectly Natural Soap

Natural Laundry Soap Powder - Choice of Scent

Natural Laundry Soap Powder - Choice of Scent

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Our natural laundry soap powder (not synthetic detergent) laundry soap will leave your laundry soft, fresh and clean with a light fresh scent - or none at all, if you choose.   The base of this laundry soap is our handmade soap that we then blend with borax and washing soda along with powdered peroxide for extra cleaning and brightening of your fabrics .  

Eco-Friendly, Septic Safe, HE (High Efficiency) Washer safe, this is a perfect laundry soap for those with sensitive skin.

To Use: 2 scoops (1 tbsp) per load for HE Washers (Front Load), and 3 scoops for Top Load Washers

Ingredients: Handcrafted Soap (Olive Oil , Goat’s Milk , Water, coconut oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Tetraborate (Borax), Sodium Carbonate (Washing Soda), Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate (powdered hydrogen peroxide), Natural Fragrance (for all but the Unscented variety)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Easy to use

Meant to buy unscented and accidentally picked up fresh linen. My fault, but glad it's a fresh but not too strong scent. I preferred the soap nuts that used to be stocked, but this works well too.

Laura M.

I love this detergent. It doesn’t have masking scent in it like some of the other store bought detergents. It smells clean without having fragrance, which I’m allergic to.


Bought this as a present for my daughter... she asked for more! She is very picky but loves this!

Patricia A.
This product is the best!!

I am thrilled with this laundry soap! I received it as part of my Christmas gift from my son, and I am hooked!! I've since tried both scents, and they are amazing. Just a small amount cleans beautifully. I use the wool balls with Spa Clean scent in my dryer, and my laundry smells fresh and clean!

Margaret B.

Having soft water it is helpful to use hot water prior to hand washing with the laundry soap.