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Happy Feet Solid Lotion Bar

Happy Feet Solid Lotion Bar

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Step up your hydration game with the revolutionary Lotion Bar, a solid, preservative-free marvel designed for the savvy traveler and eco-conscious consumer alike. Say goodbye to the days of liquid spills and airport security confiscations. Our 2 oz Lotion Bar is perfectly sized for your on-the-go lifestyle, providing a hassle-free, travel-friendly hydration experience.

But it's not just about convenience. This is about value. Each Lotion Bar is a compact powerhouse of nourishment, undiluted by water or alcohol. You're getting the pure, unadulterated goodness of moisturization in every swipe, making your skin feel wonderfully soft and moisturized.

Ideal for any journey, whether it's across the city or around the world, the Lotion Bar slips easily into your bag, ready to soothe and hydrate your skin with its mess-free application. Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of our Lotion Bar, and transform your skin care routine into a gesture of self-care and simplicity. Your skin will thank you.

Ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Fragrance

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
So easy to use

I keep the lotion bar in my night stand drawer and rub it on before bed. I don't even need to rub it in with my hands. It is not messy like a liquid lotion and works better than lotion in my opinion. The skin on my feet is so soft.

Elizabeth C.
Foot Lotion

I apply this to my feet daily before putting on socks and/or shoes. The heals are no longer hard and I don’t need pedicures as often. And your hands don’t get greasy with using the applicator. And it smells good too!

Diana T.
Foot lotion bar

This is one of my favorite products. A little bit goes a long away. I apply it directly to my feet and do not even need to rub it in (I do put socks on afterwards though). This is non greasy and the combination of the peppermint and tea tree are cooling and smell great. I purchased one over a year and half ago and it still has about 1/8 of it left. I use it daily.


This is the best for diabetic patients

Mary C.
Softer feet

My feet may now be out in public, alligator look is gone.