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Good Dog! Happy Paws - Paw and Nose Lotion Bar

Good Dog! Happy Paws - Paw and Nose Lotion Bar

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Introducing Happy Paws, the unscented, dog-safe lotion bar designed to keep your furry friend's paws soft and protected. Drawing inspiration from the high-quality ingredients of our popular Happy Feet Lotion Bar for humans, we've created a canine-friendly version that's free from essential oils and fragrances, ensuring it's safe and comfortable for your pet.

Happy Paws is easy and convenient to use. It comes in a twist-up container that allows you to apply the lotion directly to your dog's paws. Simply glide the bar over their pads and between their toes, then gently rub it in to ensure even coverage and absorption.

The ingredients in Happy Paws are chosen for their natural, nourishing properties, providing moisture and protection to your dog's paws. This is especially beneficial for preventing dryness and cracking, which can occur from walking on hot pavements, icy sidewalks, or rough terrain.

Whether you're at home or on the go, Happy Paws is the perfect solution for maintaining the health and happiness of your dog's paws. It's a simple step to add to your pet care routine, offering peace of mind that your four-legged friend is comfortable and well-cared for. Your pet's paws will thank you for the soothing relief and protection Happy Paws provides!

Ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kelly B.
Nose and paw bar

Great way to get fast moisture to dry paws and noses. The lotion bar melts easily and doesn’t bother my dogs. Totally recommend!

Dog Loves It!

My dog loves the roller on her paws. Helping her get more comfortable with things touching her paws so hopefully i can cut her nails soon :) The ingredients make her paws soft. I notice a difference when we don't use it.

Melissa L.
My dog loves it

Happy paws is the only lotion my pup loves on his paws and nose. He usually licks anything else I used to put on now he doesn’t lick it off and looks forward to it every night

What a cute pup! So glad he's enjoying his nightly spa treatment :-)


This stuff is the best. It melts right into my dog's paws. They aren't too happy about being messed with but it does wonders on them. I ended up having to go back and gets more for the mom's dogs too!

Leslie B.
Rough Paw Solution

My puppy loves to snuggle but his pads are the roughest of any dog we've ever had. They snag on my clothes, the sofa, toys. He walks across a dryer sheet dropped from the laundry, and we have a terrible time picking the fibers out of his pads. This balm has really helped. It doesn't smell bad and if he decides to lick his paws, I don't panic about what it's made of. Thank you for looking out for my puppy!