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Authentic Imported Raw African Black Soap, 4 oz

Authentic Imported Raw African Black Soap, 4 oz

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Our raw authentic African black soap is imported from western Africa.  Credited by many to aid in many skin care issues, this rustic soap is growing in mainstream popularity.

This raw soap doesn’t look like regular bar soap as it isn't smooth or uniform in shape.  The texture of the soap is semi-soft and it can be a bit crumbly but never hard like regular bar soap.  This is because African black soap is made from naturally occurring lye found in plantain or wood ashes. This form of lye, called potash, creates a softer, more malleable bar that will absorb water easily so it's best to keep this out of direct water or it will break down faster than it should.

A look at its key ingredients:

Palm Kernel Oil contributes to the hardness of the soap, helping to create a bar that lasts longer, promotes lather stability, and adds a silky feel to the soap.

Coconut Oil contributes to the hardness of the soap, helping to create a bar that lasts longer, and provides a fluffy, bubbly lather to the soap, even in hard water conditions.

Shea Butter contributes to the hardness of the bar, lather stability and is wonderful for skin conditioning.   Shea contains a large percentage of ingredients that do not react with lye, thus remaining in the soap to nourish your skin. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rebecca H.
Raw black African soap

My skin was hating me, so I tried this and been using it for 2 weeks now and 3 days in my skin was clearer, softer and less red. I love this product and I will be buying more soon.

Cheryl B.
Softest soap

Look rough but provides wonderful softness to skin. Love it

Angelo T.
African Black Soap

I like using this soap to wash my face prior to shaving. It leaves my skin feeling soft and easier to shave when compared to using regular face soap. After shaving, my skin feels soft and smooth.

Okevia H.
Raw African Black Soap

I've been using this product for about a week. I could see a HUGE difference in my face within about two days. I've been using the black soap on my entire body and my skin is saying thank you! I will purchase more in the future.


I use this primarily as my face wash and it truly deeply cleans my skin and got rid of the redness in my checks and blemishes I was experiencing due to getting older. To me it is a pure cleanser that you only need to use a slight bit of the soap as it lathers up so lusciously and doesn't feel drying to my face. I really cannot live without using is the absolute best cleanser!!