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Eco Clean Face Brush, Choice of Color

Eco Clean Face Brush, Choice of Color

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The Eco Clean Face Brush is the perfect 2-in-1 cleanser to help fight pore blockage and uneven skin tone. One side features lush microfine bristles for a deep and thorough cleanse, while the other side features soft silicone bristles for gentle exfoliation. Additionally, this product features a natural straw fiber handle to help reduce your impact on the environment.

The luxurious, fine bristles are perfect for cleansing all skin types while the textured silicone pads exfoliate gently. Cleanse the face with the fine bristled brush in gentle circular motions to remove sebum and other impurities in the skin. Exfoliate with the textured silicone pad to improve complexion and remove dead skin cells.

Use the facial brush once a day to aid in improving skin condition and ensure healthy, glowing complexion.

Wash and dry the facial brush to prevent bacteria and mildew growth. 

  • Vegan
  • Biodegradable
  • Cruelty Free
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michaela B.
Best brush

I have had so many face brushes. This is the first one I've actually enjoyed and use often!

Christie P.
Great little tool!

This brush provides a great clean & the bristles are perfectly soft for delicate areas around the eyes & gets in all the nooks & crannies (around the nose & the chin) also. Highly recommend!

Brushes are better!

I’ve never used a brush to wash my face before, but I will for now on. This brush is lightweight and fits nicely in my hand, bristles are soft on my face and feel good. I think the brush gives me a deeper clean and gets around my nose very well.

Michelle A.
Smooth, glowing, and blemish free

This facial cleansing brush/ exfoliation helps achieve a good leather w/ my facial cleanser, which is more efficient at cleaning, and uses less soap. It also gently exfoliates which removes dead asking that would otherwise cause blemishes, and dull skin. Two thumbs up!

Jill R.
Perfect little brush

Super easy to use, this little brush is great to add to your nightly routine . The soft bristle side is great!