Giving Dry Brushing A Try

What’s the Skinny on Dry Brushing?

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There are a lot of claims circulating about dry brushing. It is rumored that using a dry natural bristle brush not only results in glowing skin but improves circulation, expels toxins and makes cellulite hide in shame! As a Perfectly Natural team member, I decided to put it to the test for 5 days to see if the claims hold up.  Here is what I found:
I chose to do my dry brushing ritual once a day, prior to showering. (as much as twice a day is recommended).  I researched several sources and they all are fairly consistent in their advice on the procedure.
  • Start by getting down to the way you were dressed when your mama brought you into this world, not a stitch on
  • Step into the shower, without any water running
  • Use only a natural-bristled bath brush (just say no to synthetic brushes!).  I chose our 12” Natural Massaging Head/Bath Bristle Brush for my dry brushing.
  • Begin at the feet, using sweeping, upward strokes, methodically brush all of your body towards the heart (this is supposed to increase circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system, expelling toxins)
  • Do not brush too aggressively, the process should not be uncomfortable
  • Shower as usual, following with a natural, rich moisturizer.  My number one choice is our Perfectly Natural Honey & Oat Body Butter, but our Lavender Vanilla Body Oil would be a great choice as well!
So...after five consecutive days of being loyal to the dry brushing process, I have to say, I saw a definite difference in my skin as a whole. My skin had a new glow! It was noticeably smoother and I have to say, less dimply. My cellulite affliction is by no means cured, but hey, at 40 something, I’ll take “improved appearance of” with open arms! The other positive, I felt, was that my poor skin seemed to have been dying of thirst and in need of a better moisturizing regime. Each time after exfoliating with the dry brush, my skin seemed to instantly soak up the body butter which I slathered on.
So, bottom line? I feel it is definitely worth the effort to undertake a routine of dry brushing! So, get going! My advice on buying a brush would be to make sure that the bristles are not too stiff. Also, do not over brush or use too much pressure. While I started off very sensitive to the brushing, and even questioned if I would continue, by the third day I seemed to tolerate the process with ease.
I am a big fan of eating well and practicing most “not so good for you things” in moderation. I try hard to take care of my whole self, both mind, and body. That being said, while I am hopeful that the dry brushing did help to improve my circulation and also to eliminate some of the accumulated toxins, at the least, I was thrilled with the appearance of my skin. The exfoliation and my skin’s new ability to soak up the applied moisturizer made my skin appear 15 years younger! (Okay, maybe 5 years, but I’ll take it!)
- Happy Brushing,  Kimberly

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