Sleep Well

Sleep Well

We are all guilty of foregoing sleep for a hundred different reasons, some by choice and others are beyond our control. Newborns, sick children, work deadlines, social engagements, laundry, Netflix binging, or simply not being able to slow the spinning wheels in our minds long enough to drift off to sleep are all contributors.

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Let’s face it, sleep is huge!  We require adequate sleep to be healthy. Poor sleep is linked to weight gain, lower brain function and decreased concentration, poor physical performance, depression, inflammation, and lower immunity! Yikes.

So what to do?  Some periods in our lives are inevitably destined to be sleep-deprived and there’s not much we can do about it. Hopefully, these periods, like when raising small children or a huge project at work, are only temporary. Other circumstances are within our control and in order to get healthy amounts of sleep, we need to make some changes!

Sleep Well SetSo what are they? We’ve heard it time and again, can you guess?  Yep, exercise and eating right. Exercise is vital to getting good sleep, but the good news is that even 10 minutes of walking each day greatly improves sleep quality. (Just make sure not to exercise too close to bedtime or this will hinder sleep). Be mindful of what you consume, caffeine and alcohol should be minimized, especially during the evening and try not to overeat or consume too many liquids in the evening. Try practicing relaxation techniques. Some easy and beneficial ones are reading or listening to soft music, practicing gentle yoga or stretches or taking a warm bath. Try Perfectly Natural Soap’s Lavender Milk Bath Soak which promotes restful, restorative sleep in a warm tub. Research shows that some essential oil therapies such as lavender helps to promote relaxation, reduce stress and promote restful sleep. Try diffusing these pure essential oils that are known for aiding in relaxation and sleep such as lavender or try our essential oil blend, Sweet Dreams comprised of lavender, vetiver and juniper.

Other helpful hints are to dim your lights as evening progresses and upon going to bed, wear what you are most comfortable in, lower your thermostat and sleep in a darkened room. Lastly, try to be consistent with your bedtime and waking schedules...even on the weekends. A consistent sleep schedule promotes more restful sleep and hopefully sweeter dreams!

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