Dryer Balls!

Dryer Balls!

Our Dryer Balls are Amazing!

We are excited to introduce 100% pure Wool Dryer Balls to our product line!  Sold in Sets of 4 with your choice of Essential Oil to NATURALLY:

Soften Laundry –The friction of the wool fibers of the dryer ball against your clothes will naturally soften laundry.

Save Electricity – The dryer balls separate laundry in the dryer and prevent items from clumping.  This allows clothes to dry faster and can cut drying time 25 – 40%!  Use the moisture sensitive setting on your dryer and it will automatically stop and save you unnecessary drying time.   Or set the dryer for 25% less time and see the difference.

Scent your Laundry – Add a few drops of essential oil to the dryer balls to naturally scent your clothes.

Save Money – No buying dryer sheets or fabric softener necessary … and with shorter drying time, energy bills are lower!  Wool Dryer Balls last for well over 1000 loads of laundry and if you are scenting, only need a few drops of essential oil every handful of uses.

Wool Dryer balls are eco-friendly and are PERFECT for cloth diapers since they help maintain the absorbency of the cotton cloth diaper by not leaving a chemical residue on the diaper like traditional fabric softeners.

Sold in Sets of 4

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