5 Helpful Tips For Washing Your Face

5 Helpful Tips For Washing Your Face

5 Helpful Tips For Washing Your Face

Washing your face may seem simple, but there is actually more to it than simply splashing some water on your face, washing it with soap, and applying moisturizer. In fact, there are quite a few things you should consider to perfect your skincare routine. Once you have found the right ingredients for your face and have kept to a proper skincare routine, you can transform your face to be bright and dewy. 

Some facial cleansers and products can also contain harsh chemicals that can make your face dry or even cause breakouts. This is why learning more about your skin throughout the process is essential. Here are five great tips and tricks to know when washing your face and how Perfectly Natural Soap can help.

Facial Products with Micellar Water focus

Remove Makeup

It may seem like a no-brainer, but before you start your face wash routine, remove any makeup you have on. Just like in art, it’s always best to start with a blank canvas before working. Leaving makeup can trap bacteria and oils in your pores overnight.

Micellar water is a great natural way to remove makeup instead of using ordinary wipes. Micellar water is made up of tiny micelle molecules that attach themselves to dirt and oil to break it down and draw it out of your skin. It’s an effective and healthy way to remove makeup. The best part? Our Glow Natural Micellar Water Makeup Remover also moisturizes your skin at the same time.

Don’t Go Overboard with Cleaning Tools

Facial care doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need tons of cleaning brushes, loofas, and other sponges to get a deep clean. Those tools can carry bacteria and bother your skin when rubbing against it.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association (AADA) suggests using your fingertips when washing your face to avoid bacteria and irritation.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Believe it or not, the temperature of the water you are using when washing your face is very important in the process. If your water temperature is too hot, it can dry out your skin.

It is best to use lukewarm water during your skincare routine.

Gentle Cleanse Facial Wash

Time For Skincare Products

When washing your face after removing the makeup and dirt, the AADA says you should apply a gentle facial cleanser to help finish the job. We love our Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser. It’s blended with rich oils that your skin will love, like aloe leaf juice, to help keep your skin happy and healthy.

Then, wrap up your routine with a toner. Toner removes any last bits of dirt and impurities stuck in your pores and smooths out the rough patches in your skin. Using it nightly can tighten your pores and help prevent aging skin. It’s easy to apply, just put some on a cotton ball and gently swipe it across your skin.

Everyone’s skin is different, and everyone’s skincare routine should reflect that. If you have dryer skin, you can also use additional moisturizes to protect your skin from drying out.

Twice a Day

Everything is good in moderation, which is the same when washing your face. Don’t go overboard. You should only wash your face twice daily: once in the morning and another time before you go to bed.

You should also wash your face immediately after sweating heavily to help remove bacteria on your skin as a result.

Start with Perfectly Natural Soap

Perfectly Natural Soap is ready to help you achieve healthy-looking skin! Our products are made with high-quality raw materials like plant-based and essential oils. We avoid using any synthetic ingredients. Check out our all-natural facial care products to use in your daily face-washing routine. Your skin will love and thank you for it!

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