Happy Feet Solid Lotion Bar-Hands & Feet-Perfectly Natural Soap

Happy Feet Solid Lotion Bar

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Lotion Bars are solid lotion and contain no water.  For this reason, we can safely make these without using any preservatives.  Solid lotion bars travel wonderfully (2 oz and their solid form make them air-travel friendly) and their no mess application also means no spills.   Lotion bars also provide a greater value since you are paying for nothing but lotion ... no water or alcohols here.

We are very careful about shipping these in the summer and do not guarantee they will ship without melting when the temperatures rise in the hottest months. We are working on a cool pack to ship these in, so if it is too hot, we'll let you know and if you'd like, hold the order until it cools down enough to ship.

Ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Natural Fragrance

Customer Reviews

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Mary C.
Softer feet

My feet may now be out in public, alligator look is gone.

Wendy S.

Love this product. Makes me feel like I am at a spa.

Christine V.
Perfectly Natural Soap

This was a gift for a deployed girlfriend. She told me she loved it because of how it soothed her feet after being in boots all day in desert heat.

Jerry B.
Happy Feet

Winter is very hard on my poor dry feet. Happy Feet lotion bar quickly clears up my dry and calloused feet. When I use it regularly I have smooth and soft skin all year round. Cracked heels and toes are no longer a problem for me. Happy Feet!

Lori W.
Does the trick!

This lotion bar is perfect to relieve those tired feet and it moisturizes my dried heel as well. Easy to apply roll-on applicator. Love it!