Jelly Balm - Petroleum-Free Jelly 4oz-Baby-Perfectly Natural Soap

Jelly Balm - Petroleum-Free Jelly 4oz

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Do you love the versatility of petroleum jelly but hate the fact that is a petroleum product? Well then look no further than Jelly Balm Non-Petroleum Jelly. 

Jelly Balm provides the same versatility as petroleum jelly but is made from plant oils and herbal extracts. The benefit of this product over standard petroleum based jellies is that the oils in Jelly Balm are nutritive to skin. Try some and experience the difference. You'll be happy you did!

Castor Seed Oil, Castor Seed Wax, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Tea Tree Oil

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Jelly Balm

Super excited to find a non petroleum jelly for those times when you need extra protection. Ingredients are the number one deciding factor for me when purchasing a product. I only want to put healthy ingredients on my skin that work with your body to help moisturize itself and this product contains Castor Seed oil, Castor wax, Rosemary Leaf extract and Tea Tree oil. I use it on my hands, feet, lips, face and cuticles. Multipurpose product. Couldn't be happier. Another five smile product!


I had to have two spots "frozen" off of my arm, and the dermatologist told me to use Vaseline to protect the blisters and help in healing. Not wanting to use petroleum jelly, I stopped in and picked up the Jelly Balm to use instead. Not only did I have NO PAIN from the procedure, but the blisters healed quickly, leaving no mark on my skin!