More Than a Pretty Face!

More Than a Pretty Face!


Katie and BanditYes, we know! That’s a whole lot of adorableness right there! Pictured are Katie and her BFF, Bandit. Katie has been working with us at Perfectly Natural Soap since May 2017. Although we like to selfishly call her, “our Katie”, the truth is we have to share this ambitious girl!

Katie also works at the Smithfield Ice Cream Parlor (yum!) on Main Street and goes to school full time, pursuing a degree in Emergency Medicine.



Glow Foaming Soap and Germ BusterWhen we asked Katie to tell us about her favorite Perfectly Natural Products, she chose our vegan Glow Natural Facial Soap and Germ Buster Essential Oil Blend. Katie states that the face wash is perfect for her sensitive skin. Glow Natural Rosewater Foaming Facial Soap is formulated to be gentle and calming to the skin. Rose Water, Coconut, Olive and Jojoba Oils, and Aloe Vera Juice make up its simple, yet effective recipe. It comes available in a 2 or 9-ounce size.
Perfectly Natural Soap’s Germ Buster formulas, which are also vegan, have become quite popular.  With cold and flu season upon us and nasty germs lurking in the air and on surfaces, it’s for good reason. Germ Buster is comprised of pure essential oils of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils, each of which is renowned for their cleaning properties. Our Germ Buster formula is available as a foaming hand soap, an all-purpose spray, and an undiluted pure essential oil blend for diffusing. Katie especially likes the oil blend “because it smells so good”. Germ Buster Oil is Katie’s go-to when she begins to feel under the weather. She swears that after diffusing it,  she begins feeling fine the very next day.

We will leave you with one last picture of Bandit, well...just because.

Bandit Bandit:  7 years old, was adopted from the Isle of Wight Animal Shelter in Windsor, Virginia.

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