Mask Wearing Leaving Your Lips Chapped and Rough?

Mask Wearing Leaving Your Lips Chapped and Rough?

As if we needed one more thing to have to worry about, our mask wearing can have another uncomfortable side effect - chapped lips!  Thankfully, this is easy to fix and prevent from happening in the first place.

Lip Scrub Vanilla Mint
Lip scrub is an easy, effective way to slough off that dry dead skin while leaving your lips soft and smooth.  Using lip scrub is simple - Gently massage a very small amount (about the size of half a pea) into your upper and lower lips using circular motions for about one minute. Then, rinse the residual sugar off of your lips and finish with a light application of our lip balm.

Follow up with Lip Balm (or our Lip Hydrate for a more decadent punch of moisture).

Feeling a bit more proactive?  Don't forget to apply lip balm before masking up to stop chapping before it starts! 

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