Kick Off “Your” New Year!

Kick Off “Your” New Year!

Kick Off “Your” New Year

Here we go again! It’s that time of year when we vow to make those big changes...lose the weight, join a gym, just to name a few. Resolutions can be overwhelming and be hard to follow through. This year, instead of making and breaking our resolutions, let’s rethink and rephrase your expectations for the year! Perhaps we should just cut out “New Year’s Resolution” and how about this year you simply take time for you. Doesn’t that sound better? I bet now your asking, “what does that even mean?” Well, it might look different to each of us. But in a nutshell, just take the time, even if it’s not a lot of time, and incorporate a few healthy practices...for a better YOU.

Of course, exercising and losing weight is at the top of not only New Year’s resolution lists, but also at the top of resolution fails. Jumping into dieting or suddenly beginning a rigorous workout routine may set you up to fail. Perhaps instead, try incorporating more whole grains and veggies into your diet or reducing portions. How about simply spending more time outdoors. Take a short brisk walk, toss the ball outside with the dog, or on a sunny winter day, bundle up and enjoy just being outdoors!

woman tying shoes for run

While healthy eating and staying active are important, equally as important is taking time to unwind! Making time for a twenty-minute relaxing bath in the evening can make a world of difference. Research shows that taking a hot bath may even help to reduce weight and lower blood sugar levels! While we probably shouldn’t rely on a bath alone to reduce weight, we do know for sure that there are mind-clearing benefits which result from indulging in a quiet bath. Try Perfectly Natural Soap’s therapeutic  Lavender Milk Bath Soak which is formulated to promote relaxation!

Shorter days and chilly temperatures can sometimes leave us feeling as though winter will never end and that springtime is a world away. Take time to combat those winter blues! In addition to having calming effects, baths can also be an excellent pick-me-up.

uplift bath saltsOur Acai-Salt Soak packed with vitamins C and E and rosemary, grapefruit and lime pure essential oils is just as the name implies, Uplift-ing!


You might also like to try aromatherapy by diffusing Uplift as our pure essential oil blend or you might try any of our other oil blends to fit your needs!

Here’s to this year being all about YOU!

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