Customer Spotlight

Nothing makes us happier than when our customers are as excited about our soap as we are. We thought we'd share some of their stories in Customer Spotlights.

Mike Hendricks is our first Customer Spotlight.

Customer Spotlight

Mike enjoys taking his dogs Maggie & Martin to spy squirrels on the trails of Windsor Castle Park and to play at the dog park. He also enjoys a good Kentucky Bourbon and is proud to have won a Virginia State lottery to purchase one of only 70 bottles of Old Rip VanWinkle. Mike's introduction to Perfectly Natural Soap may sound familiar to a lot of husbands who've visited our store .. his wife, Lori, made him go with her :-) While there he saw our shaving cups which reminded him of watching his grandfather shave with a cup of soap and a shaving brush, so he bought it on a whim. To his surprise, he loved it. It was easy to apply with the brush, made for a great shave and the White Pepper Lavender made him "smell gooood". We do love that quote, Mike!

Mike & Lori are also enjoying the Spicy Little Tart & Apple Blossom Soaps .. and are looking forward to trying Beach Bum next!

If you have a favorite product or interesting story about how you found Perfectly Natural Soap and would like to be featured in a future Customer Spotlight, please reach out and let us know!

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